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38 North article: Because It Is Good for South Korea - Public Support for Defector Entrepreneurship


Dr. Steven Denney publishes insights from his research on public support for migrant entrepreneurship in South Korea at 38 North.

New research from Dr. Steven Denney and colleagues shows that South Koreans favor expanded entrepreneurship support for North Korean defectors to aid social integration via employment opportunities using a repayable loan instrument paid for by corporate tax increases and endorsed by the business community. The report can be read here.

The findings are based on a survey experiment that explores the impact of 'policy mix' attributes on migrant entrepreneurship support. Analysis of open-text responses for policy preferences underscores the concern for South Korea and the broader implications of this finding. This work builds on ongoing research and collaboration with colleagues, South Korean partners, and defector-run NGOs into North Korean migrant entrepreneurship in South Korea.

The working paper on the determinants of public support for migrant entrepreneurship is available here: