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China-Europe Academic Engagement Tracker Launched


EcoS lecturers Alfred Gerstl and Martin Mandl have joined an international team of researchers from Central- and Eastern Europe at CEIAS tto establish the first comprehensive database of interactions between European academic institutions and Chinese entities.

The China-Europe Academic Engagement Tracker provides a comprehensive record of how European academic institutions engage with China, so as to help understand the nature and volume of these interactions, as well as to improve their transparency. Along with the Tracker, country-level analyses were created to help better understand the specific circumstances of academic relations with Chinese entities in individual countries.

The Tracker is available in the following website. For the country-level analysis on Austria go directly to this link.

The Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS) is an independent think tank with branches in the cities of Bratislava (Slovakia), Olomouc (Czech Republic), and Vienna (Austria) that aims at spreading knowledge about Asia among scholars, experts and professionals and to inform the wider world about Central European engagements with Asia.