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Vortrag, Dr. YUAN Jian, 23. Juni 2014, 19:45 Uhr

China's Xinjiang during the 17th and 19th century: The preliminary analysis of the periodical governance policies under the Manchu-Qing Empire

As an Empire across Inner Asia and the mainland China, the Manchu-Qing Dynasty had controlled Xinjiang district gradually. From 17th century to 19th century, there are three main periods for the relationship between Qing court and Xinjiang. Before 1733, the Qing court and the Dzungar Khanate which controlled Xinjiang kept a strategic balance. From 1745 to 1759, the army of Manchu-Qing Dynasty defeated the army of the Dzungar Khanate and other rivals,controlled the whole Xinjiang. From 1759 to late 19 century, the Qing court ruled Xinjiang effectively, the important symbol is the reorganization of Xinjiang as a province of Qing Empire in 1884. This lecture will use the historical documents and pictures to introduce Xinjiang's history during 17th and 19th century, and discuss it's geopolitical role in the big powers at that time.
Dr. Yuan Jian, Assistenz-Professor am Global Ethnology & Anthropology Institut (IHEA) an der Minzu Universität China, beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit der Geschichte Innerasiens und Xinjiangs. Er ist überdies auch ein Spezialist für Ethnographie in Innerasien und hat viele wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in diesem Zusammenhang veröffentlicht.

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