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Vortrag, Anastasia A. Guryeva, 29. April 11:00 Uhr

Representations of Contemporary Issues in Korean Culture

in Relation with Specifics of Mentality


Einladung zum Vortrag 

Ermöglicht mit Unterstützung durch die Korea Foundation, Moskau 

Koreanologie, Institut für Ostasienwissenschaften 

29. April, 11:00 Seminarraum Koreanologie 

Anastasia A. Guryeva 

(Saint Petersburg State University, associate professor 

Representations of 

Contemporary Issues in Korean Culture 

in Relation with Specifics of Mentality 

The main subject of this lecture is the representation in contemporary Korean culture of social, environmental, political and other issues important for the 20-21 century (family and generations, gender issues, economical challenges, education, conflicts serving, Tokyo, Fukushima related issues etc.). 

The lecture will deal with the way, how various contemporary issues are represented and dealt with in such spheres as education, literature, movies, television dramas, cultural campaigns, advertisement, project titles, corporate culture etc. Also it will analyze the suggested ways to solve problems. 

Anastasia Guryeva will concentrate on the cultural specifics of the above representations that cover Korean values, understanding of the world, ethnic psychology. Comparisons with Chinese and Japanese examples will help draw the specifics of the Korean approach. 

To explain the material we will concern numerous examples borrowed from contemporary culture and try to trace their roots. The main goal is to attain a deeper understanding of contemporary culture and to learn about the behavioral and other patterns that form the way Koreans live and deal with issues they face. Anastasia A. Guryeva is 

Associate professor at the Faculty of Asian&African Studies, 

Saint Petersburg State University. 

Academic interests: Korean literature (specializing in traditional poetry), book and text in Korean intellectual tradition, traditional elements explaining contemporary culture. 

A participant of over 50 academic conferences and seminars (Russia, RoK, Europe), author of over 60 publications. 

Member of AKSE, Russian representative in the International Foundation for Korean language and Culture.

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