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Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!

The third volume of our publication Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies (editors: Rüdiger Frank, Ingrid Getreuer-Kargl, Lukas Pokorny and Agnes Schick-Chen) is now available! This volume contains articles by Elisabeth Gumpenberger, Marco Akira Klebel, Josef Falko Loher, Stephan Si-Hwan Park, Julia Ritirc and Marco Sostero.

The Vienna Journal of East Asian Studies is a joint project of the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna aiming to give our graduates the opportunity to show their results to a wider audience. Even more importantly, we want to provide their peers and the international academic community with access to the work of our young and hopeful researchers. The Journal also shows the diversity of research topics covered in East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna. Literature, society, culture, economy – all these fields are represented in our multidisciplinary approach to East Asia.

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