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Jens Damm: "The 'Chinese Overseas' and the new Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia"

From the late 1920s until the 1990s, for various political reasons, emigration
from China to Southeast Asia was most uncommon, but today the situation has
changed dramatically: tourists, business people and students, sometimes with
high academic qualifications, have again started to move in this direction. This
paper presents an analysis of the contemporary dynamics between the new
Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia, the old “Chinese overseas communities”
and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as Taiwan.
The reaction of the PRC towards the new diaspora has been subjected to
intense academic scrutiny and a great deal of empirical research has also
been carried out on the identities of the new and old diasporas. Taiwan’s role
has, however, been under-researched, despite the fact that the governments
of Chen Shuibian, Li Denghui and now Cai Yingwen have encouraged stronger
links with Southeast Asia.

This paper focuses on the non-state actors and civil society groups in China/
Taiwan and southeast Asia, with the aim of examining the role that has emerged
for the ethnic Chinese. Theoretically, this analysis builds on the concept of
transculturality (Welsch 1999), which analyzed new forms of entanglement as
a consequence of migratory processes, of worldwide material and immaterial
communications systems, economic interdependencies and dependencies.

Jens Damm is an Associate Professor at the
Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies, Chang Jung
University, Tainan, Taiwan. His research interests
include the new media and the Internet, the Taiwanese
and Chinese diasporas, and gender studies China’s
cultural diplomacy. He is currently leading a research
project at the Oriental Institute, Academy of Science,
Czech Republic supported by by the Czech Science
Foundation, GACR.

Date: Thursday 1st Dec., 2016

Time: 16:45

Location: OAW, at the Department of East Asian Studies/Sinology,

Altes AKH, Campus, Spitalgasse 2, yard 2, entrance 2.3

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