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EastAsiaNet Award 2014 for academic books and articles

Purpose: The purpose of the EastAsiaNet Award is to recognize and encourage exemplary scholarship in contemporary East Asian studies with a social science focus. This does not exclude relevant input from the humanities or from a historical perspective.

Award: The EastAsiaNet Award is bestowed upon junior scholars, before or within five years after their doctoral degrees. The award does not involve any material endowment.

Nominations and Judging Process: Nominations are invited from member institutes, to be made through their respective EastAsiaNet board members to the steering group by the submission deadline. Each member institute can nominate one book and one article. Final determination is reached by the EastAsiaNet steering group with support from invited referees. The steering group will prepare a commendation, in which the decision is explained, particularly in relation to the mission of EastAsiaNet.

Award Criteria and Requirements: Single
authored work in all languages is eligible. Published monographs (not edited books) for the EastAsiaNet Book Award and published academic journal articles or chapters in edited volumes for the EastAsiaNet Article Award can be submitted. The date of publication has to be 2012 or 2013. Awardees shall be associated with (at least) one of the member institutes, either through degree programmes or employment. Submissions must include evidence of such status and three copies of the publication being submitted for the award, or preferably in an electronic format.

Announcement of the Award: The steering group hopes to announce the Awards at the EastAsiaNet workshop in Sheffield, 24-26 April 2014.

Submission Deadline: 15 March 2014

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