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Dr. KIT Chunyu - What is a word in Chinese?

Word is a cornerstone notion in linguistics that is taken for granted by most speakers and learners and even by many linguists. But what a word is in Chinese remains a notorious unsolved problem in word recognition practice, by both human and machine, disregard the availability of well-formed word definition and related linguistic principles (such as lexical integrity hypothesis) as theoretical basis and several word segmentation standards (including national and international) for engineering purposes. There are a large number of controversial cases, e.g., “separable” words. This talk intends to give an overview of the problem with examples and offer some thinking towards possible solutions.

Dr. KIT Chunyu (揭春雨) is Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Translation, City University of Hong Kong, teaching computational linguistics, MT, CAT and terminology, and researching in both computer and human language processing. He started his academic career with research on Chinese word segmentation and participated in the early stage of drafting the state word segmentation standard in late 1980s. He has published over 120 research papers in academic journals (e.g. Information Sciences, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, Journal of Chinese Information Processing) and international conferences (e.g. ACL and IJCAI), including chapters contributed to a number of books like Language Acquisition, Change and Emergence (City U of HK Press, 2005), Linguistics (China Renmin University Press, 2013), The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Technology (Routledge, 2015), and The Routledge Encyclopedia of Chinese Culture (forthcoming). Recently, he co-edited the book Frontiers of Empirical and Corpus Linguistics (China Social Sciences Press, 2018) and published his first poem selection Crossing the River on a Petal of Sound (Manuscript, 2018).


DATE: Thursday, December 5, 2019

TIME: 17:00

LOCATION: SIN 1, at the Department for East Asian Studies/Chinese Studies,

Altes AKH, Campus, Spitalgasse 2, Yard 2, Entrance 2.3

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