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Korea University UCC Festival “on-line”


Korean UCC Festival “on-line”, share ‘HOPEFUL’ messages, Win a prize

For this year, Korea University Korean Language Center, as No.1 Korean
Education Institute, is hosting annual Korean UCC Festival
“on-line.” We kindly ask you who love Korean language and the
culture for your attention and participation.

We expect this event to be a place where we share ‘HOPEFUL’
messages to give strength to overcome hard times and to form an
international bond of sympathy of how things changed in your country or
in your daily life.

Below you may find information on our Festival’s YouTube channel.
Check out for previous prize-winning videos and official promotional
video of this year. Please subscribe!

- YouTube Channel:
- Official Video:
- Introduction of Theme (#1):
- Introduction of Theme (#2):

* Submission Deadline: Wednesday, September 16th (Email:
* Result Release: Thursday, October 8th (YouTube:

* URL to download related materials(Open with Google Chrome):