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[Intl Summer School] Surfing the Korean Wave


Am 21., 24., & 25. Juli 2023: Online International Summer School der Koreastudien (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

Liebe Studierende!

Gerne machen wir Sie auf folgende Bekanntmachung der Koreastudien (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) aufmerksam:

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Summer School on “The Korean Wave” to be held online via Zoom on the 21st, 24th and 25th July 2023, from 9:00 – 13:30 German local time. The event is designed to inspire university students in Germany and beyond to explore the latest developments in the field of the Korean Wave (Hallyu).

This Summer School is structured around the topic of transnationalism and the globalization of Hallyu, with a focus on South Korean cinema, dramas, K-Pop and Webtoons. The program consists of 9 lectures from renowned experts in the field, each covering a different aspect of the Korean Wave.

The speakers will share their expertise on a variety of topics, including the industry, production, content, and reception of Korean popular culture in a global context. Through these lectures, participants will gain valuable insights into the complex and dynamic nature of the Korean Wave, and the impact of this phenomenon at both local and global levels.

The summer school is free of charge and will be held online in English, and participants will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions with the speakers and other attendees. We welcome students with an interest in Korean popular culture to attend and be part of this exciting event. More detailed information on the registration and program will be available on the website and Facebook page of the Korean Studies department at Goethe University.

Registration: By July 7th 2023 via Zoom

The registration link:

Weitere Informationen und auch das Programm entnehmen Sie bitte den beiden untenstehenden Dateien.