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VU Strategic Gaming for the WS2022


This winter term, Alfred Gerstl and Martin Mandl offer again the highly popular "Strategic Gaming: The South China Sea":

This course is worth 4 ECTS and you can find the full description in the following link. The lecturers especially recommend it to new EcoS students. First of all, the course has a very engaging learning methodology: Based on their newly acquired knowledge of the dispute, students will take on the role of diplomats tasked with actively resolving a dangerous dispute in East Asia. Secondly, this course’s format is ideal for "EcoS team building", as you will get to know your fellow EcoS students as well as students from other departments better.

In order to further prepare for the Gaming, students can also follow the free University of Bergen discussion series “The South China Sea Explained” from 26 to 29 September (link), featuring univie lecturer Alfred Gerstl.


EcoS Staff