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Update: Expected New deadlines for Master Exams/Defenses for winter and summer semesters


Our SPL has informed that, in the process of reviewing the UG (University Law), the so-called “grace period”, used primarily for admission to studies, was eliminated. This change in deadlines is expected to also apply to master exams and defensios.

Until now, an exam date in October/November could still be entered for the previous summer semester, or an exam date in March/April could still be entered for the previous winter semester. Therefore, tuition fees did not have to be paid for an additional semester. 

According to the new regulations, there it is expected that there will be only ONE (instead of two) additional month for Master exams/defenses after the end of the admission period. They should now be taken:

  • To enter grade in previous summer semester: latest date of examination on 31.10
  • To enter grade in previous winter semester: latest date of examination on 31.03

Any exam/defenses registered after these dates would result in the need to pay the tuition for the current corresponding WS/SS.

Currently, there is no official announcement on the SSC page that we could link on our website. Nonetheless, given the relevance of this change, we wanted to communicate it as early as possible. For any additional information or discussion of specific cases, please contact our Vice-SPL, Prof. Agnes Schick-Chen (e-mail: agnes.schick-chen[at]


EcoS Team