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East Asian Reactions to Russia’s War in Ukraine: Governmental and Civil Society Responses


As part of the u:eastasia lectures, the Department of East Asian Studies has organized a discussion panel to analyse the various strategic, economic and domestic motives for governments in East Asia to either unequivocally condemn Russia or to avoid naming and shaming Moscow.

The panel, moderated by Prof. Agnes Schick-Chen, includes the participation of current and former EcoS teaching staff, Dr. Steven Denney, Dr. Alfred Gerstl and Mr. Martin Mandl, as well as Dr. Olga Khomenko from the Kyiv Mohyla Business School.

| Date & Time |

  • u:japan lecture | s04e09
  • u:eastasia lecture #3
  • Thursday 2022-05-19, 18:30~20:00
  • max. 50 participants (on site) + max. 300 participants (online) 

| Place & Preparations|

  • Live event: Campus University of Vienna, Department of East Asian Studies, Seminar Room of Japanese Studies, JAP 1 [2K-EG-21]. Spitalgasse, 2, Courtyard 2, Entry 2.4
  • Online transmission: Zoom [Meeting ID: 682 7348 1009. PW: 623081]

For more details, please visit the official announcement in the following link.

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